The Day She Stopped Complaining

And Got to Work

He was right
If only she would stop complaining
The world revolves around him, anyway
So she can’t complain
He’s not really hurting anyone
He feels great
Isn’t that the point?
That is why she arrived,
To serve his high
Well, she stopped complaining today
And now he’s being taken away
Complaining about what is unfair and inhumane
She got to work, unafraid
Of a wrong she had to right
Too bad he couldn’t just change his mind
He had too much fear inside
This is what happens when she no longer complains
The world is a bed she makes
It’s her world to share
With men who don’t complain

The narrative of power is changing. Women are not mere sidecar riders with a role in someone else’s story. They are the story. The human race has no story without them.

Women don’t want to put their thumb on the power scale, they are removing the male entitlement thumb off. And all the Weinsteins of the world know that.

We are no longer having a one way conversation. Now everyone is powerful

IMAGE: Oren, AKA Solitarium

Author: valeriemarieleslie

Poet. Thoughts. Musician.

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