To Live

To Live

Today was a good day to live

No pressure

No competition

The river does all the chattering

Not burdened with hope and ambition

All is welcome, and with relief, so am I

I seek no validation,

But the trees bestow it

I feel included

As the birds sing their hymns

I’m a Buddha statue in the folage


Death urge lost today

Even if only for today

A little everyday

Take solace in nature. The one thing we can’t push away or run away from is the earth. We are connected to it, permanently. The earth is our most primal connection. Oxygen and water is where we begin.

Sometimes, connecting with other people fails. And that disconnection can feel like being lost in a celestial wasteland. But we are on the ground of our planet home, kept their by it’s invisible pull. We take it for granted.

Start there. Connect to nature first. We’ll never feel alone again.

IMAGE: Michigan Spring, Tom Haxby

Author: valeriemarieleslie

Poet. Thoughts. Musician.

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