Don’t Tax the Rich Guy

Don’t tax the rich guy
I’ll be him one day
I don’t want to pollute my future self
Don’t tax the rich guy
I won’t want it when I’m him
I believe I will be him
so I protect the delusion
of my future self
by letting the rich guy
have all the profits
They will be mine one day
Don’t tax the rich guy
I’m on your side, rich guy!
May I have a yacht ride?
I believe in you
and you will be me one day soon
You are the ideal to be preserved
so we protect you
Don’t tax the rich guy
I’m buying my ticket to be you
I don’t want to do anything
that will erode my possibilities
Eroding the rich guy world
is erosion of my ideal self

…Well, isn’t this an emotional way of helping the rich get richer…. Know anyone like this? The unspoken prosperity gospel.

IMAGE:  Mario Sanchez Nevado, Deep

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